About Us

Working to Provide You an Unforgettable Experience

Based in Hattiesburg, MS, Trazy Productions is a live DJ entertainment business with a talented lead jockey. This business is devoted to clients and their wedding occasions. Other events that can be accommodated include corporate functions, school dances, and other social gatherings.

Trazy Productions has been providing exceptional entertainment from Central Mississippi to the areas across the gulf coast (and beyond) since the year 2002. With access to a wide range of genres and setlists, this DJ is happy to accommodate various tastes and preferences. Sound equipment is included in entertainment packages, meaning that you will have unbeatable audio quality paired with a top-of-the-line setup.

Offering clients an enjoyable and memorable experience is one of Trazy Productions’ goals. Under this direction, the company provides professional and customer-focused services that result in unforgettable celebrations. Various options are available for selection with Trazy Productions, including a range of lighting apparatuses. This combined with an extensive music library means that your wedding event can be a personalized masterpiece.

Trazy Productions | Central - Southern Mississippi DJ